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Sacramento County voters are about to see big changes in how they cast their ballots

California is adding more ways to vote starting with the June 5 primary election. We caught up with Sacramento County Registrar of Voters Jill Levine for this Q&A.

Q: What’s will be different this election?

A: The big difference is that every voter gets a vote–by–mail ballot.

Q: Why do some people like vote–by–mail balloting?

A: I feel it is more secure. Each ballot will be compared to the signature on the voter file. The other reason: it boosts voting. If a voter has a ballot in their hand they are more likely to vote it. The states that have done this have found an 8 percent increase in turnout.

Q: Where do I vote if I want to go to a polling place?

A: There will be no more polling place. Replacing them are vote centers that will be open longer, open to any county voter, offer ballots in multiple languages and feature options for people that need special assistance.

Q: How will I find a vote center?

A: The info will be with the sample ballots, online, included with ballot packets.

Q: How many will vote centers will there be compared to polling places?

A: There were 548 polling places. The county will now operate 78 vote centers, with some open for four days and others open 10 days. The county is also making it easier to drop off your mail-in ballots, increasing the number of drop off sites from 16 to 52.

Q: Is our voting system secure from the Russians (or other players)?

A: Yes. None of our equipment is connected to the internet. Additionally, our systems have been certified by federal and state officials. Finally, every ballot will be a paper ballot.