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Stephon Clark family legal team explains autopsy drawing error with wrong bullet entry

The lawyer for Stephon Clark's family clarified Monday where police bullets struck the 22-year-old black man's body after the legal team released two conflicting autopsy drawings last week.

Attorney Benjamin Crump, who is representing the Clark family, Monday confirmed to The Bee that an erroneous set of autopsy drawings was distributed and remained on the attorney's website over the weekend.

Those drawings misplaced the location of the first bullet that struck Clark from the side near his shoulder. That bullet hit Clark on his left side, according to the family's pathologist, but the erroneous set of drawings showed him being struck on the right side.

After a Friday press conference, the legal team's communications staff pointed reporters to the wrong drawing on Crump's website after they pointed out the discrepancy.

On Monday, the legal team said the correct information was provided during a Friday press conference by forensic pathologist Dr. Bennet Omalu, who performed the autopsy for the family and is nationally known for his research on football-related concussions.

Crump confirmed Monday that the confusion was caused by a mix-up that allowed an uncorrected set of drawings to remain on a press website. The wrong drawing has since been removed from Crump's website.

Friday, Omalu said Clark was hit eight times by two Sacramento police officers. In addition to the shot near his left shoulder, Clark was shot six times in his back and once in his leg. The shot in his leg likely occurred as he was falling to the ground.

That shot entered in the front of Clark's leg, the legal team confirmed Monday.

Autopsy diagram

According to the autopsy that Dr. Bennet Omalu performed for the Clark family, Stephon Clark was hit by eight bullets. The bullet numbers are for reference only, and do not indicate the sequence of impact. This diagram shows the correct location for Bullet 7, which was misplaced on one of the diagrams released to the media Friday.
Key points from Omalu’s analysis:
Source: Dr. Bennet Omalu
Sharon Okada / The Sacramento Bee
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