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Two injured as fire crews respond to two-house fire in Rancho Cordova

Fire crews responded to a two-house fire on the 2100 block of Danbury Way in Rancho Cordova on Sunday, according to the Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District.

One resident was transported to the hospital for burns, while one firefighter suffered a twisted ankle as they were helping contain the fire, according to Capt. Chris Vestal, fire department spokesperson.

Other residents were on-scene, Vestal said, but it is unclear if any of them were in either house at the time the fires started.

The initial call came in at about 2:45 p.m. from a neighbor, and crews responded to find two houses on fire, Vestal said. The fire started at the house on Danbury Way and spread to a house on Red Brook Way, Vestal said.

Vestal said it is unclear what started the fire or whether it originated on the inside or outside of the Danbury Way house.

The investigation is ongoing.