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Comedy legend Bill Cosby returns to Silver Legacy

November 30, 2006 -- The legendary Bill Cosby, from such well-known television shows as "The Cosby Show," "Fat Albert," and "I Spy," as well as hundreds of hours of unforgettable stand-up comedy returns to Silver Legacy's Grande Exposition Hall for two performances on Saturday, February 17th at 7 p.m. and 9:30 p.m.

His humor, which examines people's roles as parents, children, family members and men and women, engages people from many walks of life. Because of his universal appeal, Cosby has become the best-selling comedian of all time after four decades in entertainment and his impressive body of work continues to grow. He's written best-selling books and earned advanced degrees (including a 1977 doctorate in education from the University of Massachusetts). His resume would, itself, fill a book.

His latest book titled "I Am What I Ate...and I'm Frightened!" reached the #5 position on the New York Times bestseller list. In the book the comedian offers his insights on the behavior behind a healthy lifestyle with hip, humorous and hard-earned wisdom. Adding to his most recent animated series "Little Bill," Cosby and wife Camille also released a live action/animated feature film on Fat Albert.

Many of today's comedians regard Cosby as the man who wrote the textbook on stand-up. Without resorting to lowbrow topics or offensive language to get laughs, Cosby approaches his monologue as a story, which he structures and delivers with unparalleled ability. "Anyone should be able to say on stage what they want. But those who have knowledge do understand that certain things on stage can be abused or misused. And if such topics are used just for laughter, the humor will not stand the test of time," Cosby said.

Ticket prices are $65, $55 and $45 and are on sale through Silver Legacy reservations at 1-800-MUST-SEE or 325-7401 in Reno and at the Silver Legacy Box Office located on the main casino floor.