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Bogetich and company form new public affairs firm

There's a new public affairs firm in town. Political researcher Mark Bogetich is teaming up with Republican strategist Joe Schumate and a pair of "policy experts," Michael Kahoe and Lawrence Green in a company focusing on public affairs, initiative work and independent expenditure campaigns. The firm will be called BGK Strategies LLC, Bogetich said.

The new firm is located in the same office Bogetich has previously worked out of in the Esquire building.

Kahoe served as deputy cabinet secretary under Gov. Pete Wilson and has been involved in policy world environmental regulation, including serving as deputy secretary in Cal/EPA. Green is the former executive vice president and lobbyist for the California Land Title Association.

Schumate, an advisor to the firm," is a former deputy chief of staff to Gov. Pete Wilson, a long-time Republican strategist. He is one of the men featured in the 2003 film "Spinning Boris," a story of how three American political consultants directed Russian President Boris Yelstin's re-election campaign in 1996.

According to his bio, Bogetich is a "political vulnerability researcher." That's a nice way of saying that he digs up dirt on his clients' political opponents.