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As talks in the Capitol heat up about a possible Indian gambling compacts deal -- using memoranda of agreement -- UNITE HERE, the main union opposing the deals, is organizing a rally outside the Capitol to protest the compacts.

"These compacts guarantee billion-dollar monopoly gaming rights to the few and completely disregard basic rights for workers," said Art Pulaski, executive secretary of the California Labor Federation in a statement.

Inside the building, both houses continue to hold committee hearings.

Here's one to watch: The Senate Transportation Committee meets today and will consider two bills by Assemblywoman Lois Wolk that deal with how the state creates highway double-fine zones.

Originally, Wolk's AB 112 established such a zone along Highway 12, known as "blood alley," which happens to be where Sen. Carole Migden rear-ended a car last month.

The problem was the Senate Transportation Committee has had an informal policy against double-fine zones.

So Wolk has amended her bill to do establish more of a system for creating double-fine areas.

For good measure, she has a resolution to name a portion of Highway 12 after a fallen CHP officer. And because she had to amend out the double-fine zone from her original bill, legislative intent language to create a double-fine zone has been inserted into her Senate resolution.

The whole package has been the subject of heavy, behind-the-scenes debate, which is expected to spill over into the committee hearing this morning.

Meanwhile, at USC's Ceasefire! Bridging the Political Divide conference, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger will be this morning's keynote speaker.

Schwarzenegger will be introduced by, of all people, former Gov. Gray Davis, the man he ousted in the 2003 recall.