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A Senate floor debate on AB 845, legislation which appropriates $10.5 million for transitional housing for young adults leaving foster care homes in the state, had been expected on Thursday.

But the bill has been pulled off the file.

"The governor hasn't secured the needed Republican votes to move it off the floor," said Alicia Trost, a spokeswoman for Senate President Pro Tem Don Perata.

The bill is supported by the governor and legislative Democrats, but because of a urgency clause it needs GOP support.

Aaron McLear, a spokesman for the governor, said the governor's office is working with lawmakers "to make them understand why we think it is an important piece of legislation."

Also missing from the Senate docket is community college board of governors appointee John Koeberer. His nomination is set to expire on June 26, but Thursday represents his last best chance at confirmation, as the Senate may not meet again before then.

Even if the Senate does meet Monday, it is unlikely to have Sen. Jenny Oropeza in attendance, as she campaigns for Congress. That would make for an even steeper GOP hill to climb, as so far no Republicans have come out in support of the nomination, which requires 27 votes.

One order of business the Senate is expected to take up is the nomination of David Gilb, the state personnel director, who cleared Senate Rules on Wednesday, despite opposition from the CCPOA.

Also today, Perata and Assembly Speaker Fabian Núñez will meld together their health care proposals into one in a morning press conference.

You'll be shocked to know that Núñez will keep his name on the legislation.

Finally, the California Air Resources Board, meeting in Los Angeles, will vote on early-action proposals today to implement AB 32. The proposals include the governor's low carbon fuel standard, additional controls on gases released by landfills and a ban on selling air-conditioning refrigerant to do-it-yourself auto mechanics.