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Broder gives California some national ink

Washington Post columnist David Broder writes about the post-partisanship of California and how redistricting - particularly the opposition to congressional districts being included from Speaker Nancy Pelosi - could throw a wrench into the term limits debate.

The piece is titled: "Schwarzenegger's Post-Partisanship in Peril?"

They hope that by joining forces with the governor on a wide range of big issues, they will gain enough credit that their constituents will let them stay in office beyond the strict time imposed by a 1990 term-limits initiative.

But before they take the new limits to the polls in an initiative planned for next February's presidential primary, the legislature and governor must agree on a redistricting reform that will take line-drawing out of politics and put it in the hands of a nonpartisan commission. Schwarzenegger has made approval of the redistricting reform the condition for his supporting the term-limits initiative.

And that is where it gets complicated for the Democrats....

(T)he dispute on including the congressional delegation in the redistricting reform could spoil the picture -- a visitation of Washington's partisan politics that the California legislature and Schwarzenegger would like to keep 3,000 miles away from their happy home.