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New poll: Clinton, Giuliani still on top

New Yorkers Hillary Clinton and Rudy Giuliani continue to lead in the Democratic and Republican primary contests, according to a new poll from the Survey and Policy Research Institute at San Jose State University. In the Republican contest, actor and former Sen. Fred Thompson, not yet a declared candidate, has nudged into second place.

Clinton holds a large 22-point lead, pulling in 37 percent support, compared to 15 percent each for John Edwards and Barack Obama.

The GOP contest is more divided, with Giuliani polling at 25 percent, followed by Thompson (16 percent), Sen. John McCain (14 percent) and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney a distant fourth (5 percent).

Both Clinton and Giuliani lead across every demographic in the poll. Most notable is Clinton's lead among women, where she polled 45 percent support.

See the full results here.