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Harman hosts Schwarzenegger, GOP lawmakers for Wednesday dinner

Sen. Tom Harman, R-Huntington Beach, reports that he hosted Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger for dinner last night at his Sacramento home, along with various members of the Senate and Assembly GOP caucus.

The topic of the evening was to discuss "the need to maintain a balance between the environment and economy," Harman's office reports.

"It is incumbent upon Republicans to inform the Governor that we are open to discussing ways to protect, enhance and restore our environment, but in a fair and balanced manner. We must discuss proposals that will create jobs and businesses which provide much-needed economic stimulus to our economy," said Harman in a statement. "By bringing the Governor and my Republican colleagues together, I hope to bring forth fruitful dialog."

Harman's office also says the dinner was "intended to be the first in a series of prolific discussions with the Governor and Republican Caucus members on this issue."

The dinner, however, did not pay immediate dividends for governor, as Senate Republicans just defeated Assembly Bill 845, legislation backed by the governor, which appropriates $10.5 million for transitional housing for young adults leaving foster care homes in the state.