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Mayor Rudy announces backing of CA mayors

Former New York Mayor and Republican presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani announced the endorsements of more than a dozen California mayors, with Curt Pringle, the mayor of Anaheim, headlining the group.

Here's the full list:

Jean Blois, Mayor of Goleta

Dene Bustichi, Mayor of Scotts Valley

Roger Campbell, former Mayor of Fillmore

Jim Desmond, Mayor of San Marcos

Dr. Donald J. Kurth, Mayor of Rancho Cucamonga

Larry Lavagnino, Mayor of Santa Maria

Robert McKaben, Mayor of Colusa

Ila Mette-McCuteon, Mayor of Marina

Curt Pringle, Mayor of Anaheim

David Smith, Mayor of Newark

Michael Termini, Mayor of Capitola

Ernie Villegas, Mayor of Fillmore