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Bob Barker, the longtime host of "The Price is Right," comes on down to the Capitol today for a press conference with Assemblyman Lloyd Levine to urge passage of Levine's spay and neuter legislation.

The bill is up in the Senate Local Government Committee on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, the folks at PetPAC, an organization that opposes Levine's measure, are launching a TV ad, featuring a police officer saying the bill would create "red tape for police canines."


Speaking of TV ads, the AARP will unveil a new advertisement in its campaign supporting an overhaul of the state's health-care system in a morning news conference.

In the Capitol, the committee to watch is Assembly Transportation, which has an agenda full of priority Senate Democratic greenhouse-gas legislation.

Last week, the committee shelved a trio of bills authored by Sen. Christine Kehoe -- SB 140, SB 210 and SB 494 -- that are on the Perata's environmental priority list.

Those bills are up for reconsideration today.

Also up in the transportation panel are three more Senate priority bills -- authored by Sen. Alan Lowenthal and Sen. Darrell Steinberg -- that face an uncertain fate.

The 14-member committee has nine Democrats, and the support of at least eight members is needed for passage.

But when more moderate Assemblywoman Cathleen Galgiani and Assemblyman Jose Solorio side with the Republican minority on the committee -- as they did on Kehoe's legislation last week -- legislation stalls.