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It is Day 11 of the new fiscal year and still no budget.

It is, however, a health day in the Capitol as Senate President Pro Tem Don Perata and Assembly Speaker Fabian Núñez will jointly present their legislation, Assembly Bill 8, to overhaul California's health-care system.

They will present the bill to the Senate Health Committee, chaired by Sen. Sheila Kuehl, whose own single-payer health bill, Senate Bill 840, continues to snake through the legislative process.

Calling the Democratic health plan the "largest tax increase on businesses" in California history, Republican leaders Mike Villines and Dick Ackerman will host a counter-press conference on what they're calling the "jobs tax" bill.

On Tuesday, Assembly Republicans released a looked-like-it-was-made-for-TV-but-only-affordable-on-the-Internet ad, seen here, criticizing the proposal.

Sure to attract a far larger crowd, Assemblyman Lloyd Levine will present his AB 1634, which would require most dogs and cats to be neutered or spayed, to the Senate Local Government Committee.

Following the special 8 a.m. session, opponents of the legislation will rally outside the Capitol.

Also, the Senate Rules Committee will continue its hearing of James Tilton, secretary of the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.