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It's July 12.

Still no budget.

As Capitol staff members scramble to collect no-interest loans to bridge them to their delayed paychecks in the new fiscal year, the Friday deadline for policy committees to hear and report legislation is fast approaching.

That means legislation that doesn't pass out of policy committees this week is dead for the year.

The California Institute of Regenerative Medicine will have yet another tele-meeting to discuss potential presidential candidates and compensation.

But the agenda item "Search for President of the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine" is scheduled for the stem-cell oversight board's closed session.

After that closed session, the agenda notes, the board will report in open session "any action taken" behind closed doors.

The stem-cell committee is hardly the only bureaucratic board meeting today.

The Public Utilities Commission meets. The staff at the Air Resources Board -- at least the remaining staff -- take comments on proposed regulation. The Public Employee Post-Employment Benefits Commission meets as well.

And the governor will be touting his health-care plan to the Bay Area Council in San Ramon, then touring Safeway's health and wellness center in Pleasanton.