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Giuliani names California campaign staff

Republican Rudy Giuliani's presidential campaign is set to announce the hiring of a four-person California field team. Heading the former New York mayor's efforts in California in Brent Lowder, who served as a senior aide to Bill Simon during his failed 2002 run for governor.

Simon is backing Giuliani's presidential bid and often accompanies him on his West Coast campaign swings.

Lowder, who also worked on Matt Fong's GOP bid for Senate in 1998 and Gov. Pete Wilson's reelection campaign in 1994, will be the executive director of Giuliani's California campaign.

Thomas Roberts, who worked for the Washington State Republican Party in 2006, will serve as political director. Jessica Millan Patterson, who has worked as a regional political director for the California Republican Party, will be Roberts' deputy.

Steve Frank, the publisher of the California Political News and Views, and a conservative activist in Simi Valley will be the Giuliani campaign's coalitions director.