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Day 16 of the new fiscal year.

Still no budget - and already the first missed paycheck of the year for staff in the Capitol.

As the budget debating continues, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger heads out of Sacramento and to the San Luis Reservoir.

There, he will remake his pitch for new water storage in the state. A bill doing just that was killed in committee by the Democratic-dominated Legislature earlier this year.

Today's reservoir event is part of a blitz of events this week promoting water storage across the state.

Kevin Yamamura has the details in this morning's Bee.

Back in Sacramento, the Senate is scheduled to convene a floor session with the appointment of James Tilton, the secretary of the Department of Correction and Rehabilitation, among the most notable names scheduled for a confirmation vote.

The Senate Appropriations Committee meets with around 50 bills on the docket. The Assembly Appropriations Committee meets with only one, Senate Bill 548 by Sen. Dennis Hollingsworth.