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Schwarzenegger does the Early Show

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger made yet another appearance on national TV this morning, in a taping of the Early Show on CBS with Florida Gov. Charlie Crist.

The segment was about global warming, as Schwarzenegger traveled to Florida late last week when Crist, a moderate Republican, signed global warming measures mirroring those in California.

You can watch the six-minute CBS segment here.

At the start of the segment, Schwarzenegger was asked why people still thought global warming doesn't exist.

"I think there is a lot of people that still think that the world is flat," he responded.

As for being a Republican and pushing environmentalism, Schwarzenegger said, ""The only thing I have to add is - and you have to admit - that when you're Republican you get more attention if you do something that's an environmental issue. Because people are, 'They're Republicans! What's going on here?' So it creates more news."