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Fire fire fire.

That's the theme of the day, as Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner holds a press conference in the foothills town of Auburn to warn residents of dry, fire-prone conditions.

With little rain this spring, drought conditions -- which ease the beginnings of major blazes -- are plaguing much of the state. Last week, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger issued a state of emergency for Riverside County due to its drought conditions.

Meanwhile, Assemblyman Ted Gaines and Nevada Gov. Jim Gibbons hold a community meeting to discuss fire protection at the Lake Tahoe Community College, close to where the Angora fire recently raged.

And it may be nowhere near a fundraising deadline, but Republican presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani is coming to California anyway, making a speech in San Francisco, hardly traditional stomping grounds for GOP candidates.

But with each California congressional district electing its own GOP presidential delegates in 2008, Giuliani can net as many GOP delegates in the Bay Area as in some small states.

Still no budget, as Sen. Tom McClintock sent an e-mail thanking his supporters for ensuring that GOP senators rejected the spending plan sent over by the Assembly.

"Although I can't predict the final outcome," McClintock wrote. "I am very confident that we will see significant additional budget savings due to the fact that Senate Republicans -- buoyed by your encouragement and support -- held firm through a long and protracted night."