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Presidential politicking comes to the Golden State

The presidential campaign comes to California in several ways today. First, Sen. Hillary Clinton's campaign will open a Northern California office in San Francisco's SOMA district.

The office opens its doors at 4 p.m., when supporters can file in and watch the CNN/YouTube presidential debate.

For that debate, California Attorney General Jerry Brown, a former presidential candidate himself, has submitted a video question for the candidates asking how, specifically, they will "dramatically reduce the emission of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases."

Watch Brown's YouTube question here.

Outside the new Clinton office, Codepink, the anti-war activist group, and Breasts not Bombs, will protest urging Clinton to endorse impeaching President Bush and ending the Iraq war immediately.

"These are women. We are woman. We would like to invoke for theme the feminine values of caring for people and not killing them," said Margaret Howe of Breasts not Bombs, who is also organizing a protest outside Speaker Nancy Pelosi's San Francisco office.

Meanwhile, GOPer Rudy Giuliani makes an afternoon appearance at San Francisco's Fairmont hotel.