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Angelides goes after Núñez in e-mail blast

A year after Assembly Speaker Fabian Núñez cut deal after deal with Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger - undercutting Democrat Phil Angelides' bid for governor, all while ostensibly serving as his campaign co-chairman - Angelides took his turn to toss Núñez under the proverbial bus.

In an e-mail blast sent to Angelides' campaign supporters, the former state treasurer lumped the Los Angeles Democrat and Republican governor together, saying the pair wrote a budget that is "'picking the pockets of the poor' and putting the money in the hands of oil companies and big corporations."

Angelides wrote, "Once again, those most in need - struggling mothers with children, and the blind, aged and disabled - are being asked to bear the brunt of the budget shortfall while oil companies and other big corporations are getting close to a billion dollar tax cut."

Angelides urged his past backers to contact their state senators to urge a 'no' vote on the Núñez and Schwarzenegger budget, as the Senate is currently scheduled to convene for floor on Wednesday.

A centerpiece of the tax-cut package passed by the Assembly - which both Senate Democrats and Republicans have said is dead on arrival - was tax breaks for Hollywood film producers. While a candidate himself, Angelides said he was open to Hollywood tax incentives to keep movie-making in California.