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It's showtime for Senate Republicans, as Senate Democrats, led by President Pro Tem Don Perata, have demanded the minority caucus provide a list of proposed cuts to balance the budget.

After a long caucus Tuesday afternoon, Senate Republican Leader Dick Ackerman said the group has $1 billion in additional cuts. He only provided details for some of them, including eliminating vacant state positions, taking more money from transit agencies, eliminating cost-of-living raises for welfare recipients and cracking down on welfare fraud.

The Senate has scheduled a floor session, though the situation remains fluid.

The state Assembly has been in recess since Friday morning, when the lower house, in the hours before dawn, passed a budget and adjourned until August.

A locked-down Senate put that budget up for a vote on Friday night -- all the way through Saturday morning -- but no Republicans would join the 25 Democrats supporting the bill.

Which brings us to today, when the Republicans are expected to provide more details of their plan to bring the operating deficit for the fiscal year to zero.

Meanwhile, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger switches gears -- going from water to fire press conferences -- with an appearance at South Lake Tahoe to announce a California-Nevada commission to make recommendations regarding fire safety in the Lake Tahoe Basin.

And Sen. Hillary Clinton promises a "major California endorsement" in a morning conference call today.