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Angelides continues after Núñez

After lambasting Assembly Speaker Fabian Núñez in an e-mail to those who supported his bid for governor, Phil Angelides keeps at in a letter to the editor in Friday's Sacramento Bee.

The former state treasurer says the budget passed by the state's Assembly "would deprive the aged, blind and disabled, and poor mothers with children."

In 2006, while serving as co-chairman of Angelides' gubernatorial campaign, Núñez struck deals with the Republican governor on everything from hiking the minimum wage to prescription drug benefits to global warming legislation.

With each deal, and the ensuing press conferences and then bill-signing ceremonies, the governor's popularity and bipartisan image grew and Angelides' already long-shot chances for the governorship sank.

Here's the full text of Angelides' anti-budget letter:

The state budget plan backed by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Assembly Speaker Fabian Núñez sets the wrong course for California.

This budget proposal would cut ongoing future public school and community college funding by over $400 million at the very time when we need to invest more, not less, in our kids. It would deprive the aged, blind and disabled, and poor mothers with children -- who are struggling to get by on $700-$850 a month -- of a modest cost-of-living increase so they can pay the rent and put food on the table.

It would strip $1.2 billion from public transportation when we need to relieve congestion, cut air pollution and fight global warming. And, to top it all off, the plan would give away nearly $1 billion a year in new tax breaks for the biggest corporations in the land, including the oil giants, leading to more cuts and bigger deficits in the future.

This budget should be rejected. We can do better by our children, our families, our environment and our future..