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Any smoke emanating from Arnold Schwarzenegger's cigar tent today might be a sign that a budget deal has been struck.

Or it could be the 60 candles burning on the birthday cake for California's governor.

Which begs the question: What kind of birthday present do you get for a man who has everything? He's reached the pinnacle of three professions -- bodybuilding, movie-making and politics -- and he's only 60 years old.

Well, there are always campaign contributions. On the day of Schwarzenegger's birthday fundraiser last Thursday, his re-election campaign reported $178,300 in donations to pay off his remaining debt.

And you thought Grandma was generous.

Secretary of State Debra Bowen will host a public hearing on the "top-to-bottom" voting systems review organized by her office.

On Friday, she released the results, which showed a team of hackers was able to break into every electronic voting machine they tested.

Voter-rights activists have promised they "will be out in force" today, hosting a news conference before the public hearing.