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Local man loves John Edwards - writes him a song

Jim Rounsavell thinks Democrat John Edwards would make for a fine president. And so the Sacramento-area resident did what he does for the candidates he supports: He wrote a musical campaign ballad.

"John's for easing everyone's cares...John's for saving polar bears...John's for a country proud and strong...John's for righting every wrong...John's for helping your dreams come true...Renewing world faith in red, white and blue," rings out the chorus of the jazzy number, recorded by Rounsavell's friend Brian Eldredge.

Listen to the song here.

A few weeks ago, Rounsavell shipped a copy off to the Edwards for President campaign headquarters in North Carolina.

"We're seniors, we're retired," said Rounsavell of himself and his wife, "and we can't donate $2,300. We're lucky to do $25 or $50, so this is our contribution."

Odds don't look good, however, for Rounsavell's Polar Bear number becoming Edwards' national anthem.

Rounsavell still hadn't heard back from Edwards' camp since they told him the song was being looked at by the legal department.

And two Capitol Alert calls to Edwards' press office regarding the fate of the jazzy jingle went unreturned.

"If you're having a baby, you want to know if the doctor is there," said Rounsavell. "If you write something like this, you want it to be heard."

This is not Rounsavell's first foray into political songwriting. In 2004, he wrote another song for Edwards' campaign.

And in 2006 he wrote a song for Phil Angelides, the Democratic candidate for governor, titled "California needs an Angel." That song, like the Edwards Polar Bear jingle, is sung by Eldredge to an upbeat jazz tune.

Listen to the Angelides song here

Here's the full lyrics of the Edwards for President Polar Bear song:

Chorus: John's for easing everyone's cares, John's for saving polar bears John's for a country proud and strong John's for righting every wrong, John's for helping your dreams come true. Renewing world faith in red, white and blue.

Verse 1 Global warming does great harm, Polar Bears shout the alarm. Their ice melts and their world shrinks, It's up to you and your instincts, Melting ice beneath their feet, Let no head bow to their defeat. Join John now, begin today Raise your voice; join the fray.

Verse 2: NAFTA caused a sucking sound, U.S. jobs-China bound. Factory jobs did abort. China controls our L.A. Port. Our good jobs headed overseas. Working class brought to its knees. Join John Now, Begin Today, Raise your voice; join in this fray.

Verse 3: Corporate greed has fueled the fires, C.E.O.'s building their empires. On the back of the working man. Uses part-time to kill his health plan. No job, No health care No place to go, Even with help from AFL-CIO John Edwards believes in fair-play, That's "why tomorrow must begin today."