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Health foundation launches $6 million media campaign

The California Endowment, a nonpartisan statewide health foundation, announced Tuesday that the foundation is making a $6 million television ad buy, urging California's leaders to reform the state's health care system.

The ad, which can be seen here, features no narrator, but a series of images of regular looking folks waiting in the ER, looking at health bills and on hold on the telephone.

"Emergency Room wait times are getting longer," reads the first black slide with white text, followed by, "Health care costs cause half of California's bankruptcies...Californians are waiting for health care reform...What are California's leaders waiting for?"

The California Endowment adds its voice to the chorus of the health care stakeholders urging the Legislature and Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger to continue to push to overhaul health care.

The foundation, in a release, says there is a "limited window of opportunity for the state's law makers to enact meaningful health care reform" in 2007, and the ad is aimed to bolster public support for an overhaul.

The foundation is also running newspaper ads, which can be seen here.