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Gulf oil skimmers can get up to $3000 a day from BP

BP's Vessel of Opportunity program pays some boat owners as much as $3,000 a day.

The owners of boats would be paid according to the size of the boat, with 65 feet and longer getting the highest pay at $3,000 per day. Boats between 45 and 65 feet would net $2,000 per day for the owners, while those between 30 and 45 feet would be given $1,500 per day. Those under 30 feet would get $1,200 per day. Any equipment required by BP will be fully reimbursed, plus an extra 10 percent of the cost.

The crew members of the boats would be paid $200 each per eight-hour day, but the meals are to be provided by the vessel owner.

Officials said only those who have completed four hours of required training, passed a U.S. Coast Guard dock side inspection and meet the crew requirements would be considered for the program. Vessels also must be certified as safe.

Authorities says those who are interested should file claims for commercial losses if their business has been affected by the oil spill while they await word on whether they’ve been selected for Vessels of Opportunity.

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