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BP says it has processed - not paid - 54% of oil spill claims

GULFPORT -- When BP announces it has processed a certain number of individual and business claims, that doesn’t mean the claims have been paid.

In a press release this week, it announced a milestone -- that its claims center for victims of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig explosion and subsequent spill had processed more than half of the claims submitted since November, 54 percent.

“We have not ‘paid’ 54 percent of all the claims filed since November 23. We have ‘processed’ them, i.e. paid them, offered to pay them, sent a letter explaining that the claim lacks sufficient proof or sent a letter denying the claim,” said Amy Weiss, spokeswoman for the claims office in Washington D.C.

The center has paid about 112,000 claims since November out of the 256,000 submitted, she said, which is closer to 44 percent.

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