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Editorial: Indicted California senators insult voters by collecting salary

Another day, another superseding indictment and another insult to the California electorate.

The U.S. attorney’s office in San Francisco on Friday announced new charges against Sen. Leland Yee, accusing the San Francisco Democrat of racketeering for allegedly selling his vote on bills related to professional athletes’ ability to collect workers’ compensation payments, medical marijuana and whether to extend the California State Athletic Commission.

This came after he was indicted in March for allegedly connecting an undercover FBI agent with an arms dealer in exchange for cash. He has pleaded not guilty.

This came after federal prosecutors in Los Angeles agreed earlier this month to delay the corruption trial of state Sen. Ronald S. Calderon until May 2015.

Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg has said the Senate can’t oust either senator until they are convicted. That means Calderon and Yee, who mercifullly are termed out this year, will serve out their termsand collect their pay at a rate of $95,291 a year.

Meanwhile, the 930,000 residents of their districts have no representation, which might not be such a bad thing given who their senators are.

Sen. Roderick Wright, a Democrat, supposedly represented Inglewood but lied about where he resided, which is the basis of the jury’s decision to find him guilty of perjury.

Steinberg has said the Senate won’t oust Wright until the judge upholds his conviction. The judge has delayed that decision multiple times; it’s now set for Sept. 3.

If the Senate ever does expel Wright, the vacancy probably would be filled by a special election. Such elections easily can cost $1 million. That would be another insult for another day.