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Show me the infrastructure, blogger asks Obama

Barack Obama may be leading the way in the presidential fundraising circuit, but one liberal California blogger wants the Illinois senator to stop raising money in the Golden State and start spending it.

"Hillary Clinton may just run away with the thing, unless you start organizing here," wrote juls, also known as Julia Rosen, on the Calitics blog this week. "Last week she announced her latest round of hires and now has staff in both LA and San Francisco."

Obama topped all comers in his second-quarter fundraising bringing in $31 million in funds for the Democratic primary. That's $10 million more than the second-place Clinton raised

"Where is the investment in California?" writes Rosen. "Why have there been no staffing announcements? The media has been busy talking about your ability to dictate the television advertising pace with your large amounts of money. However, there is little talk about how your fundraising allows for early field investment."

She concludes: "Its time for Obama to invest in California and not just come here and pick up a bunch of checks."