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Truck owner recounts how alleged shooter took his truck at gunpoint

Jose Cruz of south Sacramento was working a gardening job outside a home near the Arden area on Coronado Boulevard and Castec Drive about 11:35 a.m. Friday when he became a central part of the dramatic crime spree that left at least two deputies shot.

A bloodied man in a white Ford Mustang convertible pulled over and approached him.

“I need a favor,” Cruz said the man told him.

“What’s the favor?”

“I need your keys,” the man said. A bloody shirt was wrapped around his left arm. His right hand held a gun pointed at Cruz.

“Hurry up, because they’re chasing me,” the man told Cruz. “Hurry up. I don’t want to hurt you.”

The armed and possibly wounded man helped Cruz unhook the trailer attached to his work truck and then drove off.

About an hour after the encounter, Cruz was still processing what had happened and how fortunate he was.

A description? “Short hair, some tattoos. There was not enough time to pay attention.”

“You start feeling kind of nervous because you never know,” Cruz said. “I feel lucky that he didn’t hurt me. When they pull (a gun) on you, you don’t know if it’s loaded, then in one second, they pull a trigger and that’s it.”

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