Duo from Grammy winning “Los Lobos” perform at Merced College

Louie Perez and David Hidalgo of the Grammy Award-winning band Los Lobos were in Merced this week to perform in the acclaimed theatrical production “Evangeline, the Queen of Make-Believe.”

While the production was performed Thursday evening at the Merced College theater, Perez and Hidalgo also took time Wednesday to meet with students for a music workshop and they performed an acoustic set during a wine and cheese reception at the Merced art gallery.

Perez said he and Hidalgo were pleased to be in the city performing for local audiences.

“We could have done this anywhere, but it just felt right,” Perez said.

“Evangeline” is the story of a young Chicana woman whose neighborhood roots and make-believe world collide when she experiences Los Angeles’ 1968 art scene and the music of the Sunset Strip. The production is set against the student walkouts of East Los Angeles and the fight for equal education and civil rights for the Latin-American community. It follows Evangeline as she tries to balance her role as the daughter of a traditional family and as a swinging ’60s Hollywood go-go dancer, according to a Merced College news release.

Presented by Los Angeles-based About Productions, “Evangeline” was created by Theresa Chavez and Rose Portillo of About Productions and Perez. “Evangeline” was co-directed by Chavez and Portillo.

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