Concrete spill slows traffic on G Street in Merced

A concrete spill early Thursday closed one lane of traffic on G Street in Merced for several hours.

The driver of a Boulders Unlimited truck apparently spilled the concrete while driving to a landscaping job on McCombs Drive, Merced police officer Craig McKeeman said.

McKeeman was patrolling on G Street just before 9 a.m. when he spotted the spill from his vehicle.

Concrete spilled onto G Street between Alexander Street and Alpine Drive. McKeeman said it also spilled on Alpine and McCombs Drive.

The driver did not notice the spill until he arrived at the work site on McCombs, police said.

Boulders Unlimited officials worked to clean up the concrete before it dried. Special efforts were made to clean the spill without excess concrete running into storm drains, officials said.

G Street was cleaned and reopened before noon.