Game of Thrones language creator to visit UC Merced

If you’ve ever wondered how to say the word “go” in the Dothraki language, you won’t want to miss a special event Tuesday at UC Merced.

David J. Peterson, the language creator for HBO’s acclaimed series “Game of Thrones,” is scheduled to appear at the campus Tuesday evening to give a talk about his work. The event is free to the public and is scheduled for 6 to 7:30 p.m. in the campus’s California Room.

On the fantasy program “Game of Thrones,” Peterson created the language for the Dothraki, a feared nomadic group of warriors known for their ruthlessness and bravery in battle.

Peterson is coming to the campus as part of the Mind, Technology and Society talk series, which is being put on the through the school’s cognitive science group.

Teenie Matlock, a UC Merced professor of cognitive science who teaches a metaphor and thought class, extended an invitation to Peterson after he was recommended by graduate Til Bergmann.

She said Peterson readily accepted the invitation.

“We’re bringing in someone who’s one of the leading experts on how you create a language from scratch and then use it in a Hollywood forum,” Matlock said.

Peterson also recently worked as the alien language and culture consultant on Syfy’s program “Defiance” and the CW’s “Star-Crossed,” as well as creating a language for the new motion picture “Thor 2: The Dark World.”

He also currently serves as the president of the Language Creation Society, a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting the art and science of language creation, according to his biography.