Donation of tile materials to help many

Oasis Community Church recently donated $400,000 in tile-related materials to Habitat Westside.

The two nonprofits have donated materials to each other before, but never such a large amount.

“The quantity was overwhelming for us,” said Ned Ryan, Habitat Westside board president. “If they get some building items they’ll donate it to us and if we get some household items we’ll give it to them, but it was on a much smaller scale.”

The church gave the Habitat for Humanity chapter 16 partially filled truckloads of liquid sealants, thin-set mortar, grout and other materials. The Rev. Doug Young said Oasis received the items in 2012 from a hardware chain through its work in conjunction with Moms Against Hunger.

“We were going to ship it to the Philippines, but the shipping cost wasn’t feasible,” Young said. “It sat in a warehouse for months, and finally I asked our director if we could give it to Habitat. I’d rather it go to someone that can use it than sit there and go bad.”

Young said he asked Ryan to visit the warehouse to get an idea of the amount of the materials in storage. Ryan, who received permission from Habitat International to distribute the products primarily on the West Coast, took possession of the materials Oct. 1. Ryan said there are about nine full truckloads of materials, six of which are destined for Kansas City, Mo., Nevada, Phoenix, Stockton and Modesto.

Ryan said Habitat Westside will keep two truckloads to be sold at Restore on G Street. He said he plans to contact local contractors in the next few days to let them know the items are available.

Habitat is renting storage space next to Restore to store the products, Ryan said.

Young said he’s glad some of the products will stay in Los Banos.

“It was a great thing,” he said of the donation. “We’re always looking for ways to help people locally.”