Divorces (11/2/13)

Hunt, Amy and Timothy, Oct. 21

Hedley, Marline and Michael, Oct. 21

Foltz, John and Colleen, Oct. 21

Teposte, Ramon, and Hernandez, Maria, Oct. 21

Burkett, Adam and Sandie, Oct. 21

Candelaria, John and Amanda, Oct. 22

Dowell, Pearl and Robert, Oct. 23

Myers, Stephanie, and Henson, Benny, Oct. 23

Jimenez, Daniel and Angelina, Oct. 23

Hunter, Polly and Kathy, Oct. 23

Abasta, Sophia and Womack, Robert, Oct. 23

Valencia, Zayra, and Perez, Miguel, Oct. 23

Gonzalez, Rocelia, and Figueroa, Honorio, Oct. 23

Lazcano, Janeth, and Villasenor, Miguel, Oct. 23

Telly, Tiffany, and Torres, Jesus, Oct. 23

Mendoza, Damian and Maria, Oct. 24

Cozzitorto, Nick and Debrorah, Oct. 25

Pino, Alexis, and Silva, Yuridia, Oct. 25

Maldonado, Jose, and Cortes, Esmeralda, Oct. 25

Gill, Harpreet, and Chahal, Sandeep, Oct. 25

DeSilva, Olivia, and Silva, Carlos, Oct. 25

Gary, Guy, and Gunlund, Reignee, Oct. 25