My Favorite Ride: Falcon Futura travels with the best

The car: 1963 Falcon Futura convertible

The owner: Gene and Barbara Holiday, Atwater

1. What are the key features of your vehicle? For an inexpensive vehicle originally, it can now travel with the best of them.

2. What did you have to do to it to get it in its present state? Originally it had a six-cylinder, 170-cubic-inch engine with a three-speed manual transmission. I put a Ford 289-cubic-inch V-8 engine with a C4 automatic transmission, 8-inch rear end, power steering, air conditioning, five-lug wheels, dual exhaust, a new top, carpets, upholstery and paint in 1985.

3. What else do you want to do to it? Just maintain it, drive it and show it.

4. How did you acquire your vehicle? I saw it in a driveway in Merced. I bought it in 1984.

5. Why did you pick that particular vehicle and what do you find appealing about it? I wanted a convertible and never owned one. I also liked the body lines.

6. What started your love affair with cars? In 1962, my family car was wrecked, and I bought a 1938 Dodge coupe for transportation. My wife and I liked it so much, I restored it and I still have it.

7. What advice would you give others about starting such a project? Pick a vehicle you like, take your time and fix it the way you want it.

8. Do you have any other collector vehicles or project cars? I have a 1915 Ford Model T Runabout, a 1938 Dodge Coupe, a 1963 Falcon four-door sedan and a 1947 Lincoln two-door convertible. I’m still working on the 1963 four-door Falcon.

9. What’s your favorite memory about this ride? Driving in the mountains and in Yosemite with the top down.