November is “Adopt a Senior Pet” month at Merced SPCA

November is “Adopt a Senior Pet Month” at the Merced Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

Pictured is Webster, a 10-year-old mastiff/Labrador mix who was originally found tied up and abandoned at the gate of the Merced SPCA. Now called Reggie, the dog was discovered online a little more than a year ago by Patti Thomas who recommended him to her son, Spencer Fulton, according to an SPCA news release.

“Moving into my home in Modesto after spending so many years in a shelter was a bit of an adjustment for Reggie,” Fulton said in the release. “He was scared of everything like the TV, flashlights, vacuums and mowers. When he first came home he didn’t know what grass was or whether to eat it, roll in it or eliminate on it, so he did all three!”

Despite being 10 years old, the veterinarian says he has a strong heart, healthy teeth and is in good shape for his age. “He romps after a treat ball like a puppy,” said Fulton, “but is not so wildly energetic and destructive like puppies are.”

Both Fulton and his mother feel it’s wise for people to give older dogs a second chance at life, according to the release. Their personalities are formed, they’re grateful for everything done for them and they want to be around their owners. Fulton admits it’s sometimes hard for him to sleep because Reggie wants to snuggle. “He’s just a big, loving teddy bear,” he added, “but it’s so nice for him in his last years to have someone to love.”