Merced area Valentine’s Day celebrations run the gamut

From doing a vigorous workout to celebrating Senior Night with a high school basketball player, Merced Sun-Star readers are planning a variety of ways to commemorate Valentine’s Day.

A query on our Facebook page about Valentine’s plans yielded interesting answers. Some of them:

Keith Dennis and his wife are doing a Spartan Group workout on Sacramento on Saturday. “Why not do something we both are passionate about?” he wrote. “Oh, and a nice dinner as well.”

Nicole Simons is headed to Bass Lake.

Kris Lewis will be watching a “House of Cards” marathon.

Courtney Rose and Samantha Rivet have possibly the least romantic of plans – they separately posted that they are taking their children in for shots.

On the other end of the romance spectrum, Diana Harrison is getting married.

Renee and Augie Pena will have an emotional Valentine’s Day, escorting their senior at the Atwater High School basketball game.

Joe Raymond Saavedra is buying clothes for his kids, then going out in the evening.

Sarah Jowett is avoiding the crowds. “My mom, my son and I are just getting pizza and staying at home to avoid a crazy night out.”

Danielle Santoya is staying home and making dinner for her husband. “I did make my husband some homemade gifts though, so hopefully that goes over well.”

Jonathan McComb’s wife no doubt will have a happy Valentine’s Day – he’s giving her diamond earrings and taking her to dinner.

Selenni Cisneros and her fiancé plan a big weekend, going to Hollywood on Friday and Disneyland on Saturday to celebrate the holiday and their engagement.

“Funny thing is ... three years ago, my best friend and I went to Disneyland on Valentine’s Day on an ANTI-LOVE date,” she wrote. “And look at me now – going back with my fiancé on the same holiday.”

And if you haven’t quite gotten around to making plans yet, the Merced Theatre offers a suggestion: “Calamari Steak and Linguine with Clam Sauce Dinner at the Italo-American Lodge and a movie right here at the theater.”

Finally, Nakia Leeann Garrett and her husband are taking the heart part of Valentine’s literally. “We are working in emergency medical services,” she said, “helping one person at a time!”