Marriages (3/8/14)

Michelle Barbosa and Suhail Khan, Merced, Feb. 28

Adolfo Vazquez-Diaz and Elsa Sanchez-Villasenor, Winton, March 3

Heather Riegelhuth and Preston Dillard, Coarsegold, March 3

Tong Lee and Boon Yang, Merced, March 3

Ernie Pasillas and Cristina Hernandez, Merced, March 3

Nicholas Martin and Danielle Cayous, Winton, March 3

Russell Harris and Anita Moore, Merced, March 3

Demetrio Quezada-Moreno and Eva De La Paz-Cardenas, Atwater, March 3

Nicholas Casey and Stephanie Berber, Hilmar, March 3

Gabriela Herrera and Francisco Echevarria-Alvarez, Planada, March 3

Tracy Segobia and Jeffrey Floyd, Merced, March 4