Marriage licenses (3/29/14)

Audie Armstrong, Merced, and Luz Valencia Salcido, Mazatlan, Mexico, March 14

Andres Murillo Mota and Isabel Baltazar, Stevinson, March 14

Teddy Cortinas and Elysabeth Neff, Los Banos, March 14

Ravicel Ramirez-Lopez and Ernesta Rios-Garcia, Los Banos, March 14

Ashley Rapanut and Michael Rogers, Los Banos, March 14

Steven Lockwood and Aimee Kline, Merced, March 17

Raul Lopez Aguilar and Maria Martinez Hernandez, Livingston, March 17

Susana Quintero and Adrian Rojas-Lopez, Winton, March 17

Teodoro Garcia-De Jesus and Margarita Martinez-Hernandez, Livingston, March 17

Domingo Jimenez Solis and Erica Vallejo-Estrada, Los Banos, March 17

Milton Lang and Deborah Steward, Merced, March 17

Ayssa Barrientos-Smith and Simon Mejia, Merced, March 18

Larry Badorine and Mary Tillotson-Hill, Merced, March18

Jande Martinez and Eriberto Esquivel, Merced, March 18

Belinda Garcia and Gabriel Castaneda Valencia, Dos Palos, March 19

Juana Jaimez Ramirez, and Jose Lopez Ayala, Tracy, March 19

Alexander Gamboa and Sabrina Keiser, Merced, March 19

Jeff Gant and Rachelle Stearly, Turlock, March 20

Mayra Sicairos and Michael Silva, Livingston, March 20

Kathleen Davis, Dos Palos, and Richard Jose, Los Banos, March 20

Marcos Centeno and Anita Zamarripa, Merced, March 20

Kathryn Myers and Steven Diaz, Turlock, March 20

Mark Xiong and Phoua Yang, Merced, March 21

Michael Fredrickson and Angela Chaulet-Fredrickson, Delhi, March 21

Rona Hebert and Kristina Herbert, Fresno, March 21

Antonio Altamirano Reyes and Martha Rodriguez Figueroa, Merced, March 21

Michael Siriamphone and Dina Ramiriz, Merced, March 21

Rosa Vidal-Hernandez, Merced, and Jorge Oseguera Mendoza, Chowchilla, March 21