Divorces (3/29/14)

Jones, Armeda and Pelzer, March 18

Lerner, Anna and Matthew, March 18

Tellez, Javier and Anna, March 20

Cortez, Ana and Martinez, Javier, March 20

Mendoza, Maria and Alan, March 20

Alvarado, Herminia and Santiago, March 20

McAfee, Bart and Stacy, March 20

Gonzales, Jennifer and Johnson, Anthony, March 20

Bear, Frank and Becky, March 20

Prado, Alejandra and Rodolfo, March 20

Reed, Jason and Raquel, March 20

O’Daniel, Jennel and Jackie, March 20

Gallichio, Jenell and Brett, March 20

Mitchell, Timothy and Paulette, March 20

Lee, Chun and Vang, Chao, March 20