Los Banos mother allegedly threatened teen after fight

The teen who was allegedly assaulted on the Pacheco High School campus by the mother of her rival testified Wednesday that she was punched, kicked and threatened by the woman.

Ellanor S. (the name she was asked to give in court) said Angelia Spafford attacked her as she was on the ground fighting with the woman’s daughter March 6.

Spafford, 35, who is facing charges of assault with a deadly weapon and resisting arrest, sat next to her lawyer at her preliminary hearing listening to Ellanor, 15, describe the incident.

Ellanor said she was speaking with friends before school when Spafford and her daughter Samantha, 14, drove up.

“She (Spafford) got out of the car and asked me what my problem was. She asked where my mom was,” Ellanor said.

She said Samantha started yelling at her and called her mother “the B-word.” Ellanor said Samantha stepped out of the car and they started to fight. The two girls rolled around on the ground between the school gymnasium and the pool, pulling hair and throwing punches. Ellanor said she was on top of Samantha when Spafford became physically involved.

“Angelia grabbed me by the hair and started punching me in the face and kicked me in the head,” Ellanor said.

She said Spafford then went back to her car and told her daughter to get in. Ellanor said Spafford threatened her before driving away.

“She told me if I told anybody, her family would come back and stab me,” Ellanor said.

She said she was initially afraid to tell anyone about the threat, but eventually confided in her mother and grandmother.

Ellanor said she believes the animosity Spafford and her daughter have for her and her mother stems from an incident in a local store earlier this year. Ellanor said Samantha and Spafford were yelling at her and her mother and were eventually asked to leave the store.

Spafford’s attorney, Deputy Public Defender Derek Meyer, asked Ellanor if she and Samantha disliked each other because one stole the other’s sixth-grade boyfriend. Ellanor denied the allegation.

Officer Surina Gonzales testified she attempted to arrest Spafford at her home. Gonzales said Spafford would not comply when she asked her to place her hands behind her back. Meyer indicated his client did not allow herself to be handcuffed because she was trying to explain she was calling 911 to report that her daughter was assaulted at school.

Judge Harry Jacobs declared there is enough evidence for Spafford’s case to be heard by a jury.

Katie Gates, deputy district attorney, said Spafford’s next hearing is May 14. She said the charges against Spafford will be reviewed at the hearing. Gates said she’s unsure if she will ask for additional charges.