Merced College selects Student of the Year

Merced College’s Academic Senate has chosen a radiologic technology student as its Outstanding Student of the Year.

Cynthia Cook will complete the diagnostic radiologic technology program in December. She was formally accepted into the program in fall 2011, according to a Merced College press release.

“Cindy demonstrates a knack for making things happen as she is one of the most self-motivated and high-achieving students I’ve had the privilege of knowing,” said professor Judy Rose.

Cook commutes to Merced College from her home in Fresno. Aside from her full-time studies, she balances her time with the schedules of her five children, as well as attending to her family’s well-being, and meeting her employer’s expectations.

When she decided to set her goal of entering the RT program, her creative side helped her with scheduling the courses needed. She took courses during lunchtime, in the evening and online, the release said.

“I am honestly proud of myself and each of my academic accomplishments. I have obtained my educational goals of obtaining an A.S. degree and am just a few short months away from obtaining my national/state certification/license,” Cook said.