New emission-reduction proposals sought

The San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution District is currently seeking new emission-reduction proposals for projects that will help the Valley air basin meet its air quality goals.

The district’s newest funding cycle offers $4 million to fund projects focusing on renewable energy, waste solutions or mobile sources through its Technology Advancement Program (TAP).

This is the fourth cycle of the TAP program. In previous years, the district has funded projects that have looked for alternatives to open burning of raisin paper trays and tested prototype compost systems designed to reduce air emissions.

Samir Sheikh, deputy air pollution control officer, said proposals are chosen based on how innovative the technology is and how relevant the project is to the Valley. Sheikh said the project’s cost-effectiveness and its partnering with local education institutions are also factors on how proposals are chosen.

“It is really going to take something innovative to help clean up our air,” Sheikh said. “It’s important that we look for solutions locally that will benefit our residents and businesses.”

According to the district, the Valley’s air challenges are unique to any other region in the state. The area’s topography, climate and geography make it difficult to meet federal health-based standards for particulate matter and ozone.

Despite major reductions in emissions, the Valley still struggles to show significant improvements in air quality.

Proposals will be accepted until 5 p.m. Aug. 15 and scored on objective criteria.

The district will also hold a free workshop on July 2 at the Fresno office to answer questions about proposal requirements. The request for proposals can be downloaded at