Recent burglaries prompt warning from police

A recent string of burglaries in Livingston prompted police on Tuesday to issue a general warning to residents.

Although burglary reports have taken a significant dip in Livingston in recent years, Police Chief Ruben Chavez said break-ins typically increase during the summer.

“It’s just good to remind people to take the basic steps to protect their valuables,” Chavez said Tuesday. “Make sure you lock your vehicle doors, don’t leave valuables in your car and please, please report all suspicious activity.”

Two homes were burglarized over the past two weeks; one in the 1700 block of Hickory Avenue on Friday and another in the area of Tehama Drive and Serr Court. A list of items taken was not available.

Even more serious, police said, was a series of overnight break-ins from June 21 through early the next morning.

Eight cars were burglarized that night, Chavez said.

“It appears they targeted unlocked cars, rifled through the glove box looking for stuff to take quickly,” Chavez said. “A few people lost stereos, CDs, things like that.”

Chavez asked residents to be vigilant in their neighborhoods, take basic steps to protect property and not to put themselves in danger.

One common ruse used by would-be burglars is to simply knock on the door to see if anyone is home.

“You don’t have to answer the door for people you don’t know, but you can yell through the closed door,” Chavez said. “Ask what they want, who they’re looking for. Then call us, we’ll check it out for you. You can be anonymous.”

To report suspicious activity, call the Livingston Police Department at (209) 394-7916. To leave an anonymous tip, call (209) 394-3640.