Investigators of drive-by shootings in Merced, Atwater seek tips

Merced and Atwater police are seeking the public’s help obtaining information on separate drive-by shooting incidents from earlier this week.

Nobody was injured in either case. No arrests have been made.

Children in a Merced apartment narrowly escaped unharmed in a drive-by shooting early Monday, the Merced Police Department said in a news release.

Multiple gunshots were fired into the complex from a dark blue four-door pickup about 2 a.m. Monday, police said. Bullets ripped through the front doors of two apartments in the 200 block of East Ninth Street.

Officers said two children who were sleeping on the floor in the front room of one of the apartments were not hurt in the attack.

“Police confirmed that the residents of both apartments had recently moved into the complex,” Lt. Andre Mathews said in the statement. “The residents of the apartments told police that they have no idea why anyone would target them or their respective apartments.”

In Atwater on Tuesday several shots were fired from inside a Honda about 2:41 a.m., striking two other vehicles and a trash bin in the area of Determine Drive and Bellevue Road, Lt. Samuel Joseph said.

A group of men apparently were standing near the scene when the shooting started, but no one was not injured.

Police said it was unclear if someone in the group was the target of the shooting. Officers described the witnesses as “uncooperative.” A 9mm bullet and a shell casing were found at the scene, police said.