Michelle Oliver: Back-to-school fashion options plentiful

Let the craziness begin – school is back.

While some are shopping for the perfect lunch pail, others are packing into shopping malls just trying to find a new pair of shoes.

Going shopping with my mom was always an exciting time because school was coming and I wanted to look my best. We would get the necessities such as a backpack, pencils and pens. Then we would get some new pieces of clothing.

I always felt very fortunate to be able to get new clothing pieces for the new school year. My back-to-school style transitioned quite a bit over the years. Just like school years, fashion trends come and go, too.

This year I am really excited for a few new looks that are taking street style by storm.

First off, thank you to the creator of palazzo pants. Can I just say how amazing they are? I love how you can find palazzo pants in almost any print and color. They are loose fitting and ultra comfortable. I like that they are classy, stylish and perfect for a day full of classes.

In the picture with my column, I am wearing my favorite pair of palazzo pants that Deb Shops sent me. They are black and white with a hint of light purple. They are very easy to pair with almost any color top.

I styled these pants with a pretty green top that is simple yet adds some flair to the outfit. Add some sandals and you are set for your first day of school.

Another hot trend right now is maxi dresses. If you follow my blog, you have seen a maxi dress overload this last month. I am obsessed with them. I wore quite a few on a recent vacation and was so glad I took them along. I have found a few different styles and love how versatile they are.

When I was in school, I would dress for the temperature outside and then would freeze once sitting down in class. With maxi dresses you can throw a jean jacket over them and you have yourself an adorable outfit. Don’t forget your statement necklace and a cute purse or book bag.

My final favorite trend right now is kimonos. This is another great piece to add to your back-to-school wardrobe. Kimonos are meant to be oversized and flow in the wind. I typically wear some skinny jeans or straight leg cropped pants with a kimono to keep it edgy.

I love that brands are coming out with some really cute materials and fabrics for kimonos. I was sent a kimono from Miss Me and absolutely loved how lightweight it was. It was perfect to wear even when we were experiencing really hot weather.

Hope this helps all you last-minute back-to-school shoppers. Good luck to all the students getting ready to start school and to all the students who have already started. Make this year your year.