New grand jurors announced

Merced Superior Court Judge Mark V. Bacciarini recently announced a new panel of government watchdogs, sworn in to serve on the 2014-15 Civil Grand Jury.

The Civil Grand Jury investigates complaints regarding government agencies and issues reports on its findings. Recommendations are not binding, but government agencies must respond in writing. Members serve one-year terms.

Nineteen grand jurors make up the grand jury.

Those selected for the 2014-15 year are: Mary Brooks, James Buckley, Amanda Carvajal, Tracy Clarot, Jose Delgadilla, Tom Dinwoodie, Katherine Graf, Stanley Hoffman, foreman Roscoe Jackson, Melissa Korth, Ken van Löben Sels, Kristin Murdock, Dorene Paskin, John Petrone, Steven Presto, Elizabeth Salles, Rick Scurich, Donald Tyson and Betty Wong.