Disney Institute gives leadership course at Merced College

Almost 100 professionals took part in a leadership course in Merced on Friday provided by Disney Institute.

Representatives of that business development organization were in town to give a course, “Disney’s Approach to Leadership Excellence,” at the Merced College Workplace Learning Center in Merced.

Sponsored by the Greater Merced Chamber of Commerce, the daylong event focused on teaching area professionals how a leader’s behaviors are instrumental in conveying values, guiding strategy and inspiring interest among employees, according to a news release.

“We are happy that Disney chose us to host this program in Merced,” said Jennifer Krumm, chief operating officer of the chamber, in a news release.

The participants came from around Merced County, as well as San Jose and Sacramento. Those who took part were given a certificate of completion. The decorations, a few dozen balloons with the faces of Mickey and Minnie Mouse faces, were donated to Children’s Hospital Central California in Madera, according to a news release.

Disney Institute, which is more than two decades old, is the external business development and training arm of The Walt Disney Co. It shares Disney business insights in the areas of leadership, culture, service, brand and innovation, according to its website.