Air District to fund replacement of waste transfer trucks

The San Joaquin Valley Air District has opened a new round of funding that will be used to replace waste transfer trucks that operate within the Central Valley.

The district will grant up to $50,000 per eligible replacement truck. Applications will be issued to solid waste transportation companies and owners or operators hauling to landfill and waste facilities. According to district officials, priority will be given to trucks that operate 100 percent in the Valley.

Air district spokesman Anthony Presto said the district should be able to fund 12 trucks this time around. He encourages anyone who thinks he or she might qualify to apply. “Even if they don’t qualify for this round, they may be eligible for one of our other grants,” he said.

Applications that are not selected for funding this time will be kept for future consideration.

The grants are partly funded by the Environmental Protection Agency under the the Diesel Emission Reduction Act. Applications are available until Sept. 30. Officials will rank projects and notify applicants.

To be eligible, according to the program’s guidelines, trucks must:

• Be in compliance and up to date with state regulation.

• Be in operation.

• Have a gross vehicle weight rating of 26,001 pounds or greater.

• Be equipped with a 1996 to 2003 model year diesel engine.

The new replacement trucks must be equipped with a 2011 or newer model year engine and must be certified by the state Air Resources Board to meet set emission standards of particulate matter. “The goal is to replace older, heavier-emitting trucks with newer and cleaner trucks,” Presto said.

Particulate pollution is known to increase respiratory symptoms such as irritation of the airways, coughing and difficulty breathing.

To obtain applications, those interested can visit or call the San Joaquin Valley Air District at 559-230-5800.